proviron side effects

Absorption – 88%) readily penetrates the blood-brain barrier (Orally concentration in the brain – 45%) from that in the plasma). Light proviron side effects appears mainly in the form of carbon dioxide (85%), and through the intestine and kidney (15%).


  • acute and recovery periods of severe traumatic brain injury and ischemic stroke, hemorrhagic stroke recovery period occurring with a focal hemispheric symptoms or symptoms of lesions of the brain stem;
    • psycho-organic syndrome on the background of involution and degenerative changes in the brain;
    • chronic cerebrovascular proviron side effects insufficiency;
    • cognitive disorders (disorders of mental function, memory, confusion, disorientation, decreased motivation, initiative and the ability to focus), including dementia and encephalopathy.
    • psevdomelanholiya senile.


    Hypersensitivity, pregnancy, breastfeeding.

    Dosage and administration: In acute conditions: intramuscularly or intravenously (slowly) 1.0 g (1 ampoule) for 10-15 days per day, then move on to the capsules inside of 0.8 g (2 capsules) in the morning and 0.4 g ( 1 capsule) day for 6 months. in proviron side effects chronic conditions: the interior of 0.4 g (1 capsule) 3 times a day, preferably before meals. The duration of treatment is 3-6 months.

    Side effects:
    Allergic reactions, nausea (due to dopaminergic activation).

    Symptoms: diarrhea disorders.
    Treatment: gastric lavage, activated charcoal, symptomatic therapy.

    Interaction with other drugs:

    not found.


    If you have nausea, reduce the dose after taking the drug. Cerepro has no effect on the speed of psychomotor reactions.

    Product form
    The solution for intravenous proviron side effects and intramuscular administration of 250 mg / ml in a 4 ml ampoule. 3, 5 or 10 vials together with instructions for use in a cardboard box 3 or 5 ampoules or in blisters. On 1 or 2 contour cellular packaging with instructions for use in a pile of cardboard.
    Capsules 400 mg: 10 or 14 capsules in blisters. 10 or 14 capsules lighting glass jar. Every bank or 1 contour cell package, along with instructions for use in a pile of cardboard.