proviron libido

When bolus intravenous administration have been rare cases of moderate increase in proviron libido in patients with active enterocolitis; after application Tsernevita elevated levels of “liver” transaminases quickly returned to normal values. It is recommended to monitor the levels of “liver” transaminases in patients of this group.
Because of glycocholic acid as an auxiliary ingredient, after repeated and prolonged administration of the drug in patients with jaundice or marked cholestasis (change indicators laboratory liver function tests) should be carefully monitor liver function.
a deficiency of one or more vitamins special preparations should be corrected.
Tsernevit contains  which may be taken separately, if necessary.

Use during pregnancy and lactation : Use during pregnancy : Tsernevit can be administered during pregnancy on condition of strict compliance with the dosing regimen in order to avoid overdose. One should consult your doctor or pharmacist before using any other drug. Use during lactation : The use is not recommended Tsernevita lactating women as possible to the proviron libido development of  overdose in newborns.

gastrointestinal disorders, headache, increased intracranial pressure, papilledema, mental disorders, irritability and even convulsions, generalized delay epithelial desquamation.

Overdose of vproviron libido(chronic) :

  • increased intracranial pressure sensitive or painful subcutaneous protrusions on the fingers of the upper and lower extremities.